Topics: Surrogacy, Pregnancy, Baby M Pages: 4 (1268 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Sammantha Silk
Research writing in the disciplines 1111
December 12, 2012
Commercial Surrogacy
With commercial surrogacy not being a topic talked about much in the United States but is in other countries such as India. Many people think that commercial surrogacy is demeaning to women. Nancy says, “To respect a person is to treat her in accordance with principles she rationally accepts—principles consistent with protection of her autonomy interests” (149). In other words we should respect women who make the rational decision in their own lives to become a surrogate mother. She goes on to say “To treat a person with consideration is to respond with sensitivity to her and to her emotional relations with others, refraining from manipulating or denigrating these for one`s own person” (149 & 150). We should respect the emotions that come with surrogacy and not manipulate anyone in to becoming one if they don’t rationally chose it for themselves or pay them less because of where they come from. Women aren’t allowed to have any say in the whole birthing plan along with not being able to have a mother-child relationship. Debra Satz disagrees with the idea that connecting female reproduction and profit, alienates women from beauty and power of pregnancy. Commercial surrogacy is a demeaning to women, if there isn’t a change on what happens during the pregnancy, such as whether or not the surrogate mother has an option on how she gives birth, the prenatal vitamins she takes, or even the food she consumes while pregnant, fewer women will become less willing to become a surrogate. Since, requiring the surrogate mother to hold back whatever parental love she feels for the child, it takes away the beauty and power of a woman`s pregnancy. Nancy claims “The biggest danger to the surrogate industry is the woman’s perspective broadening on her pregnancy. They would like for the woman to treat this as a perspective of a contract laborer. Because the surrogate industry’s job is...
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