surprise party

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My dream turned into nightmare as my alarm clock rang frantically. The voice of my mom was at her high pitch screaming for me to take my shower. It was already 7.30 in the morning. The sun shone his majestic rays straight into my eyes as I looked out through my bed room’s window. I was stunt to see Uncle Lim drove away the Yellow bus I used to ride every morning to school. I am a dead meat as I knew I have to cycle to school by my sister’s bike. For god sake, it was pinky girly bicycle. I rather walk to school if there was no exam that morning but I have to reach school fast.
Today is the first day of my SPM examination. I had promised to my dad to get straight A’s in all subjects and the X-Box 360 was on the line, so that I could not afford to miss my Bahasa Melayu exam or fail to sit for it. After taking my super fast shower, I ran downstairs and skipped several staircases. Luck was not with me, I accidently had kicked my fat cat which was lying on the last staircase. I fell hard on the floor and my face was just a millimeter away from my father’s favourite solid metal Liberty Statue floor lamp which he had bought last year on our previous family trip. I was nearly sent to the hospital than getting myself to school. My knees and elbows were numbed and hurt. I ignored the pain and quickly got back on my foot. My mum was smiling cynically at me as she was used to my attitude of being late to school. Poor Jinggo was running hysterically and hiding under the dining chair taking his cover for any incoming assault he may receive. He must be regretted of mistakenly choosing a wrong spot in the house to relax himself this morning. It was not his first time, perhaps he really loves the spot even it came with a high risk warning sign on it.
I rushed to the garage and got myself onto the bike. I hate the bike as much as I hate my brother’s cooking. The flashy handle bar with dark pink ribbons at the end of it made me feel sick. I hate the

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