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Global Entrepreneurship Program
Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (6 ECTS, 36 hours, one week intensive seminar)


Frédéric Delmar, PhD
+33 (0)4 78 33 70 18/+46 8 665 45 32

Office hours:

Friday, 9:00 – 12:00, or by appointment
Elisabeth Gelas (

Class Meetings

Monday to Friday 08:30 am – 05.30pm
Saturday 08:30 am – 12:00 am
September, 5th September 10th, 2011

Course Materials:

Textbook and a set of cases at the beginning
of the program. Supplementary materials will
be distributed by instructor in class. Please
check to see if your case material is complete.


Timmons, J.A. & Spinnelli, S.Jr (2009). New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century. McGraw Hill International Edition (8th ed.). ISBN: 978-007-127632-0

Course Description
The purpose of this intensive one week boot camp in entrepreneurship is to understand and explain how entrepreneurship emerges and evolves in the economy. Specifically, we want to follow the entrepreneurial process: from the identification and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities through the creation of new ventures (either independent or part of existing firms). This means the foci of the course are the identification of the entrepreneurial opportunity, the interactions among the entrepreneurial team, the idea and the environment. We define entrepreneurship as the process of how, by whom, and with what consequences opportunities to discover future products and services are identified, evaluated and exploited.

The main questions are how entrepreneurship develops in the economy and how we can understand this process from different perspectives. The consequences for entrepreneurs themselves are discussed as well as practice, and economic policy targeted to foster entrepreneurship in these early phases.



The entrepreneurial process is a function of the society (culture, economic development, and history), the entrepreneurial individual, and the characteristics of the opportunity. Hence, the entrepreneurial process affects all these areas. In order to fully understand the process and its consequences, it has to be studied from multiple perspectives. We will consider these perspectives via the following lenses in the course:


The entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial process;
The many facets of entrepreneurship;
National culture and entrepreneurship;
Creativity and innovation processes,
The entrepreneurial team;
Generating and communicating ideas.


The objective of the course is to create awareness about the early phases of the entrepreneurial process. By studying and applying knowledge and tools in the field, students should develop knowledge and capabilities towards the topic. An objective is to provide students with tools and frameworks that can be applied in the “European project” course.

As teachers we work to reflect and amplify your objectives as a new student at EMLYON Business School. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on the interaction between theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship. The governing idea throughout the course is to develop awareness and introduce action oriented tools for entrepreneurship. In order to do this we will provide you with: -

A case method approach


A lecture approach

The case method is a real-life situation you are likely to face as a manager. It will sharpen your analytical skills, as it helps you to determine what the real problem is and to ask the right questions. Hence, you will learn what the real problems are, which you as a manager have to resolve. The lecture allows you to rapidly access a framework to guide you in your work. Great emphasis is placed on the interaction of theoretical and practical aspects of new venture creation. The governing idea throughout the course is to develop awareness about the entrepreneurial process and...
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