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Canadian History 10 Final Culminating Task

[pic] Sir Wilfred Laurier (7th Prime Minister of Canada)

In a speech made in Toronto on October 14, 1904, Laurier made the following prediction:

“Let me tell you, my fellow countrymen, that the twentieth century shall be the century of Canada and of Canadian development. For the next 75 years, nay for the next 100 years, Canada shall be the star towards which all men who love progress and freedom shall come.” P. 8

• Let’s parse the quote above
• For the whole course, we will be investigating to what extent was Laurier’s prediction accurate. To what extent was there change or continuity in regards to Laurier’s vision?

The Culminating Tasks

You will be responsible for the following items:

Part A: Historical Analysis Tracker (5 %)

You will keep track of events and evidence which supports or contradicts Laurier’s prediction by organizing a Historical Analysis Tracker based on the following topics:

Social- Issues that relate to society and people
- Examples: quality of life, population demographics, gender issues, ethnic and cultural issues, class issues, Canadian identity Political- Issues that relate to government
- Examples: Foreign and domestic policy, autonomy and independence, trans national concerns, laws, constitutional issues Economic- Issues that relate to the economy
- Examples: jobs, production of goods and services, worker’s rights, foreign investment, laws and international agreements -
So, you tracker should look something like:

|Political |Economic |Social | | | | | | | | |

• List and explain the events and evidence and explain the significance under the above relevant topics. By the end of the course, you should have a quite a long list with plenty examples for each topic. • For each event, also record the sources (text book page number, web sites, photograph sources, other primary or secondary sources)

Part B: Visual Timeline and Presentation (5%)

Task: You will choose one issue from your tracker above that you found the most interesting or important and create a visual and descriptive timeline for that issue. Your issue will most likely have events that fit under all the topics at some point throughout the 20th century as these issues play out. For example, your timeline might be about women’s issues in terms of change vs. continuity or about Canada’s changing role on the international stage. When you are done your timeline, you will have a chance to present your findings to the class in an oral presentation.

Part C: Essay (20 %)

Essay Topic:

To what extent is Laurier’s prediction about Canada during the 20th century accurate?

You will need to write an argumentative expository essay for the question above. If you have kept up with your tracker, you will have already finished a lot of the work.

Essay will have the following:
- Clear Thesis Statement
- Clear topic sentences for each body paragraph (political, economic and social) - Concluding sentences for each body paragraph
- Supporting evidence such as statistics, primary & secondary resources etc… required to write the essay - Bibliography/ Notes
- Be written in the passive voice (past tense)
- Apply academic writing skills taught in the Secondary English courses

Part A) Analysis Tracker Rubric (5 %)

|Criteria: | Level 1...
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