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Question 1.
Question :
One should always use a capital “C” for “court.”


Student Answer: True  False

Question 2.
Question :
When the U.S. Supreme Court, in its discretion, decides to take a case, it is said that the Court has:


Student Answer: acted in conference  certified the case  granted certiorari  acted en banc  

Question 3.
Question :
Any case decided by the highest court in a state may be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court.


Student Answer: True  False

Question 4.
Question :
A dissenting opinion is persuasive only.


Student Answer: True  False

Question 5.
Question :
A law that is intended to benefit only one person or a small group of people is called:


Student Answer: A private Law  An official Law  A public Law  None of the above  

Question 6.
Question :
Identify each of the following as either a primary or a secondary source:


Student Answer:  : Black’s Law Dictionary or an article by Supreme Court Justice Scalia1 : Secondary   : The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, The federal law relating to kidnapping, or the caseBrown v. Board of Education2 : Primary  


Question 7.
Question :
A type of searching called Boolean searching means:


Student Answer: To use a natural language search query  To search using special terms and connectors  To search using a legal dictionary  All of the above  

Question 8.
Question :
To update a case when using Westlaw, you would be using:


Student Answer: A legal dictionary  Keycite  Shepards  A Legal Encyclopedia  
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