Supporting Transitions Early Learning – Early Independence

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Supporting Transitions Early Learning – Early Independence

Case study report of Gary Gordon

Within this paper the case study of Gary Gordon will be discussed, by implementing a number of different theorist the paper will explain what recommendations have been proposed to be put in place for Gary Gordon during his transitional stages from nursery to primary school. Transitions within Gary’s family background will also be explored with reference to the case study and observations made by teaching staff at his school. Transitions are now recognized as central to young children’s experiences and well-being, as well as a powerful integrative frameworks for research. The term “transitions” has a number of different meanings that are not all captured within one signal definition. However generally the term is linked to the process occurring at key periods also known as turning points during life courses, the change of a person’s appearance, relationship and role with society. Childhood and child development undergo many of these transitions / turning points often explained as the developmental processes that is structured by educational institutions (Vogler et al, 2008).

Urie Bronfenbrenner known as the ‘father’ of transition studies, his definition of transitional process is when the individual’s environment is altered as a result of a change in role or setting (Brooker, 2008). Children are faced with many important changes in the first eight to ten years of their life including the transition of different learning environments, social groups and expectations of themselves from adults and other children. The process from nursery to primary school provides children with challenges and opportunities for their own learning and development cycle. These are classed as an essential part of growing up with the most important transitions taking place during the early years depending on how children will cope with these transitions will impact later life either in a positive way or perhaps negative (Ibid).

To explore the transitions Gary is going through regarding the case study a number of different areas will be focused on to ensure a full understanding of Gary and his current situation.

Below a list of the following areas will be focused on within this paper:

The child’s changing role
Self regulation
The role of the adult
Parenting theories
The environment
Pedagogical approaches

These areas will be explored in relation to Gary and the observations made in order to promote the best solution. Other than the more commonly known transitions that children may experience such as a new baby, violence, abuse and absent parents. These are all factors that can affect a child’s behavior and self-esteem. A main focus will be on the transitional process from home to nursery to primary school, the impacts it has on Gary and his surroundings. The objective is to ultimately to provide a number of recommendations within the child and family’s best interests.

Bowlby defined early emotional attachment as: What is believed to be essential for mental health is that an infant and young child should experience a warm, intimate, and continuous relationship with his mother (or permanent mother-substitute – one person who steadily ‘mothers’ him) in which both find satisfaction and enjoyment. (Bowlby, 1953, p.13). The theory is one of the most influential theories within early years regarding emotional development (Goodliff, Trodd, 2008). Attachment is the bond between the mother or career and the baby/child. Ensuring a solid secure development within the family can help children develop positive relationships with others. When children are placed within early years settings they can sometimes become distressed during the transitional stage, relating to the importance for those working within the setting to...
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