Supporting the Death Penalty

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I am against the death penalty, the reasons why this is so, is the deterrence or lack thereof. Another

Reason is how easy some innocent person can be rushed through the system and executed. And my

Final reason is constitutionally, should the state or government be allowed to execute people at all.

My reasons why I am against the death penalty. The first reason is the deterrence that it should cause.

According to the Death Penalty Information Center” The report noted that the Texas Crime rate rose 4%

In 2001, nearly five times The National Average and the State posted a 7.6 % increase. In Homicides at

The same time. The total number executions in Taxes is more than three times that or any other state in

(Facts#3) that says that even though Texas has the highest executions their crime rate has not gone

Down but up. In Len huffs article “Debating the Death Penalty “says “Opponents of Capital Punishment.

Point to studies that indicate that the murder rate does not fall when the death penalty is used heavily.

(Len huff 6?). That means exactly what it say, another quote from that article says how some crimes

Are made. Mistakes happen in life. In 1973, U S had 138 people release from death row, because they

Were exonerated by DNA and others evidence. In most cases the (DNA is not available in most homicide

Cases). A life sentence is reversible, and death sentence is not. Another thing is that the cost is high,

It costs the tax payers much more to execute someone than to imprison them for life. The violent crime

Rates are consistency higher in death penalty jurisdictions it is consistently. And orbit rarely applied.

I found

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