Supporting Notes

Topics: Performance, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Supporting Notes
Section 1
The play me and my group chose to do was ‘Private Lives’ by Noel Coward. The play Private Lives focuses on a divorced couple who discover that they are honeymooning with their new partners in neighbouring rooms at the same hotel. Even though they had a difficult relationship they realise that they still have feelings for each other. We chose this play as we had the right amount of people needed so we each had a character. We also found this play to be quite comedic and felt this would be the play that would suit our group best. The extracts we decided to do was the time Elliot and Amanda first speak on their balconies, we chose this scene as it shows how both characters feel towards each other; we see Elliot is surprised to see Amanda this leads on to the later scene with Victor and Amanda on the balcony, Amanda tells Victor about seeing Elliot and she tries to get Victor to leave for Paris. The 3rd scene we decided to do was between Sybil and Elliot, in this scene Elliot tries to get Sybil to leave for Paris but mentions nothing about speaking to Amanda and makes excuses about earthquakes. These scenes both show how their previous relationship has affected their new ones; it has caused arguments and later leads on to Elliot and Amanda getting back together. The two final extracts we chose were when Elliot and Amanda have a fight, this shows even though they still have feelings for each other they still have a difficult relationship, this scene makes them realise why they split up in the first place. The other scene was when Victor and Sybil argue, all the characters are sat in the room together. During this scene we see Elliot and Amanda being affectionate by blowing kisses across the table. This scene ends with Victor and Sybil shouting at each other and closes after Sybil slaps Victor. The extracts we chose clearly showed how each relationship changed throughout the honeymoon and how the storyline developed throughout the play. The...
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