Supporting Children's Vocabulary And Language Development

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4. Supporting Children’s Vocabulary and Language Development

a. Vocabulary
Mixed Number: is a number that is made up of whole number and a fraction
Simplest Form: when the numerator and denominator of fraction only have 1 as a common factor.
Denominator: the number below the bar in a fraction that tells how many equal parts are in the whole or in the group
Product: the answer to a multiplication problem
Equivalent Fractions: fractions that name the same amount or part
Numerator: the number above the bar in a fraction that tells how many equal parts of the whole are being considered

b. Identify the learning experience that provides children with opportunities to develop, practice, and/or use the key vocabulary identified.

During both the Hershey bar challenge and the basketball activity the students will be referring to the vocabulary above while they are working cooperatively in
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Monitoring Student Learning
Refer to the assessment(s) submitted in your responses.
a. Describe how your planned formal and informal assessments will provide direct evidence of your students conceptual understanding. The informal challenge assessment will allow me to mentally document which students are able to take a fraction and shade that portion in on the chart. During whole group, the activity will clarify if the students were able to recall the information they learned in previous grades. The formal assessment will allow me to document which students understood the lesson and which students should be pulled for remediation before continuing with the next lesson.

b. Explain how the design or adaptation of your planned assessments allows students with specific needs to demonstrate their learning. Consider the variety of learners in your class who may require different strategies/support (i.e. students with IEPs or 504 plans, English language learners, struggling readers, underperforming students or those with gaps in academic knowledge, and/or gifted

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