Support Learning Activities

Topics: Polyvinyl acetate, Eye, Left-handedness Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Unit 303 Support learning activities

In the class I work in there a 9 pupils age ranging from 5 – 6 years old. All the children are from different generic groups.

Art is the specific activity I have chosen to write about, our topic for this term is winter/cold. We are all going to support the children to do mosaic/collage pictures representing cold.

The particular child I was working with is diagnosed PMLD and has more vision in her left eye than her right eye.

I prepared the different pieces of textured paper by ripping and cutting the paper with the more able children the paper I use was blue tissue paper,white tissue paper,shiny blue foil paper and blue congregated paper. I then put the paper into a small container and poured pva glue into a small container and I also got a glue spreader and a A4 sized paper.

The adjustable table was set to the height of the childs indoor wheel chair. I firstly put all the prepared materials on the table then wheeled the child to the table. I then placed my chair to her left hands side as this is her preferred side of vision. Firstly I called her name and told her about the activity we were going to participate in.

I then told her that I was going to put an apron on her before we got started and I then sat down and let her feel each different textured material and I placed each piece of material to her left eye view so she identify each material. Doing the hand-over-hand technique I told her we were going to glue her picture. I held her hand with the glue spreader and helped her glue her picture. Next I then held two different pieces of textured material and asked her to eye point to which piece she would like to stick down first. By using the same hand-over-hand technique we stuck down each piece of material until the picture was completed. After each movement that was involved I gave her time to respond and gave her a lot of praise.

When the picture was completed I held the picture up to her left...
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