Support Children and Young People s Health and Safety

Topics: Risk assessment, Risk, Risk management Pages: 4 (1597 words) Published: June 6, 2015
Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety 

Outcome 1 
1) When planning for young people you need to take several factors into account to make sure the environment and services are safe. The first factor is the individual needs, ages and abilities of the children and young people. This requires you to work out staff to children ratio’s to make sure there is legally enough staff for the number of children present and to ensure all children will have supervision. Ratio numbers will vary depending on the age of the children. You should also make sure that the environment both inside and outside caters for all different abilities, making sure there are not steps up to any entrances or doors in and around the setting, that clear walk ways can be seen through the setting to avoid any accidents and to meet the needs of any children with any disability. Children of different abilities may require one to one time with a member of staff to ensure they are always safe, for example in my setting a child has visual impairment which means he has a trained member of staff to support him whilst he is in the setting. Another factor you need to consider is specific risks to individuals such as pregnancy or impairments. My setting has a child with mild autism, a child with visual impairments and is registered as blind and another child who has a disability which leaves him unable to complete tasks on his own, such as walking or standing up. We have a member of staff who comes in specifically to support each child individually; their ability is very low and may be a risk to not only themselves but other children. If put in a situation where this member of staff is absent and we still need to meet the needs of this child then all other staff at my setting have been given basic training on supporting these children, so we are aware of the best way to do this. This ensures the safety of the child in question and the other children in the setting. When...
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