Supply Relationship Management

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Service Encountered at
Harra: brand of clothes
Service provider: Harra
Encountered with: Myself
Situation: Went to shop kurti but bought Dress Fabric (went with high expectation due to positive past experience) Experience: Wanted to buy readymade kurti Entered shop and came to know they have only fabricslogical next step was to leave shop but the sales women was very convincing she convinced me for fabric didn’t like any fabric for kurti again logical step to leave the shop but she could convince me to see dress fabrics products were really good but what was convincing was her way of presenting those goods her way of expressing products automatically made high price of goods justifiable Good things: Good products, excellent salespeople, sales people have very good knowledge about products, very persuasive and expressive salespeople, good ambience, good layout that made product easily visible Feeling/Attitude formed: Positive attitude formed

Expected behavior for future: Next time whenever I have to buy dress Haraa would come first to my mind

Flower of Supplementary Service
How we received supplementary service during our encounter. Which effect created difference in our experience?

1. Information: Customers require information on various elements of service that they buy. Sales person at Harra had perfect knowledge of all the products with them. She knew even minute details about the fabrics that they sold. It was really a delighting factor. 2. Consultation: As we are often confused over 2-3 dresses which one to buy, she consultated me about the best one, which one would suite me and reasons for same and also she gave me opinion that for my purpose the dress was perfect. She also gave me suggestion about how to last the shine of dress even after multiple wash. 3. Order taking: She instantly book the dress that I finalized. 4. Hospitality: There was no such hospitality factor involved, just one thing that she offered me a comfortable sofa to sit around and decide upon dress by taking my own time. 5. Safekeeping: they had a special counter where I could put my bags and luggage 6. Exception: Exception was the ambience and layout of the showroom. 7. Billing: The bill was made on high quality paper, that gave me satisfaction of buying products from high class shop and also bill mentioned all the details accurately. 8. Payment: They accepted both cash and card payment.

7 P’s at Harra
1. Product: After searching a lot for good dress I found my kind of dresses at Harra. I am extremely satisfied with products of Harra as they meet my requirement precisely. Also the fabric is made of good quality cloth with decent work on it. 2. Price: It had value based price. The quality of goods justified the price of the product. 3. Place: Showroom of Harra is located at central of West Ahmedabad which can be easily reached with minimum effort. It also has website on which we can select dresses. 4. Promotion: As such I have not encountered with any promotional effort of Harra 5. People: People i.e. employees are well trained, well groomed, they are the face of the brand, also they are the marketers of the brand. I can say the USP of Harra is its people. 6. Process: The process of serving people is qiet smooth, where they have goods in display, the display is arranged in a very systematic way which is easily accessible to customers. Also they have catalogs for customers who wants to select fabric on basis on its pattern 7. Physical Evidence: The display board outside showroom is very attractive and builds expectation among customers entering in the shop about the goods that will be sold in the shop. There is no gap between expectation and actual products that are available in the showroom. The showroom has perfect lightings, temperature and smell that facilitate a customer in making decision about buying products.

Blueprint Greet with smile
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