Supply Chain of Pran

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Letter of Transmittal

Dated: 2nd May, 2012

Mohammad Anwar Hossain
Assistant Professor,
Department of Marketing,
University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of Term Paper.
Dear Sir,

It gave us an immense pleasure in presenting this assignment, which was assigned to us as a term paper of Business Logistics (413) course. In this paper, we have tried our level best to carry out all the requirements of a term paper.

We consider ourselves very privileged to prepare this term paper under your guidance. It has provided us with a great scope of applying the gathered classroom knowledge in the practical field. We must mention here that we are extremely thankful to you for your valuable guidance, tiresome effort and constant attention whenever required.

We will be pleased to answer any sort of query you think is necessary, as now and when needed. We would like to draw attention particularly on the matter that there is always a space for clarification of any relevant topic. We will be available to share the pleasure discussions.

We Remain Sir,
Yours Most Obedient Pupils,
Group Members of “PITCHBLENDE”,
B.B.A.(15th Batch), Section: B,
Department of Marketing,
University of Dhaka.


At the inception of preparing this Term Paper, we would like to express gratitude to the Almighty Allah for special blessing in completing it. There is an English proverb “Two head are better than one.” So, no one can obtain a noble objective alone. This term paper is an accumulation of many people’s endeavor. For this, we are indebted to a number of people who helped us to prepare this and for their kind advice, suggestions, directions, and cooperation and proper guidelines for this. Our heartfelt thanks go to Mohammad Anwar Hossain, course instructor of Business Logistics (413) for providing us the opportunity and for his appropriate suggestions, moral support and invaluable co-operation from time to time in completing the assignment especially in the last one month. Last but not least, we would like to thank our group members of this course.

Executive summary

PRAN Beverage Limited is uncompromisingly producing the best quality mango juice named Frooto. Frooto has the highest market demand among the agro-based juice products. PRAN Beverage Limited launched Frooto in the year 2007 with a promise to provide people a juice containing highest amount of vitamin A & C. Since its inceptions it always emphasizes on highest quality through continuous improvement process. It has the most effective and market oriented supply chain network that helps it to get huge market coverage. Considering customer convenience it has kept Frooto price very reasonable and also within the limit of customer purchase ability. It maintains a good coordination among the parties who help it to achieve a boost in profit. Our report covers the supply chain of drivers of Frooto mango juice. Here we discussed the Facilities, Inventory, Transportation, Information, Sourcing and Pricing method of Frooto.

About PRAN
PRAN stands for
Program for Rural Advancement Nationally
“PRAN” is currently the most well known household name among the millions of people in Bangladesh and abroad also. Since its inception in 1980, PRAN Group has grown up in stature and became the largest fruit and vegetable processor in Bangladesh. It also has the distinction of achieving prestigious certificate like ISO 9001:2000, and being the largest exporter of processed agro products with compliance of HALAL & HACCP to more than 77 countries from Bangladesh.

PRAN is the pioneer in Bangladesh to be involved in contract farming and procures raw material directly from the farmers and processes through state of the art machinery at our several factories into hygienically packed food and drinks products. The brand “PRAN” has established itself in every category of food and beverage industry and can boost...

References: * Personal contact with Tanvir Ahmed, Head of IT of PRAN.
* Product Brochure of PRAN Beverage Limited.
* Md. Naimul Hasan Basir, Assistant General Manager, PRAN Sales
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