Supply Chain Management and Fresh Connections

Topics: Supply chain management Pages: 5 (1340 words) Published: November 16, 2008
Suggested Assignment Questions

Industrie Pininfarina
-What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a niche manufacturer? How has the competitive environment of niche auto manufacturers been changing over the past few years? What factors are affecting the competitiveness of niche manufacturers such as Pininfarina compared to the volume manufacturers? -As Renato Bertrandi, what do you see as the most significant challenges facing Pininfarina over the next five years? What are Pininfarina’s options for the future? -Should Bertrandi accept the Mitsubishi business? If yes, what are the changes Pininfarina has to go through? If no, what can he do? How should Pininfarina position itself to compete in the future?

Virginia Mason Medical Center
-What is Gary Kaplan trying to achieve?
-How does TPS fit into his strategy?
-What is your opinion about “people not cars” debate?
-Is Kaplan’s approach transferable to other US hospitals?

Solagen - Process Improvement in the manufacture of Gelatin -How is Kodak currently achieving quality? Is the movement from art to science inevitable? Really desirable? -Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the Solagen process from the point of view of Alex Blanchard (CEO of Kodak); of Bolten (plant manager); of Carson (Head of Chemical Processing and Engineering). -What should Bolten do?

-How should the new technology be evaluated? Who should set specifications that define success or failure? •Innovation at Progressive (A): Pay-as-you-go Insurance
-How does Progressive’s performance as an auto insurer compare to that of typical insurance companies? How has its performance changed over time? What explains the difference in performance? -Customers of auto insurers are very price-sensitive. How problematic is it to Progressive that customers almost always select the insurer that offers the best price? -Assess the viability of the Autograph system. What level of consumer acceptance will it take to make Autograph successful? What are the barriers of consumer acceptance? Should Autograph be expanded nationwide?

Fresh Connections
-What are the most important operating and strategic issues facing Fresh Connections? -Which segment(s) of the prepared foods business do you think is the most attractive for Fresh Connections? -What choices must Fresh Connections make in developing an operations strategy? What is the effect of complexity on Fresh Connections’s operations? -How will growth impact Fresh Connections’ operations?

-What capabilities should Fresh Connections emphasize in its strategy?

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
-How has New Balance positioned itself in the athletic shoes and apparel industry? Why? - How has it configured its operations to achieve success in the industry? -How does its firm culture influence the firm’s operations and strategy implementation? -Given your assessment of New Balance’s position, do you feel that NB2E will be successful? Why? -What areas of the firm’s operations do you feel New Balance must focus on if it wishes to implement its target of 100% delivery within 24 hours? -What tradeoffs would the firm have to make to realize this strategy? -How will the current trends of consolidation in the industry affect the firm’s operations strategy/decisions?

Nucleon Inc.
-What are your recommendations regarding the manufacturing of CPR-1 for Phase I and Phase II clinical trials? What are your recommendations regarding manufacturing for Phase III clinical trials and commercialization? -How would you justify your recommendation to would-be investors in the company? -What is your recommendation regarding Nucleon’s long-term manufacturing strategy? What should this company look like in 10 years (e.g., an R&D boutique, an R&D boutique with pilot scale manufacturing capabilities, or an integrated manufacturing enterprise)?

Zara: IT for Fast Fashion
-How would you advise Salgado to proceed on the...
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