Supply Chain Management

Topics: Supply chain management, Third-party logistics, Management Pages: 4 (1000 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Semester Timeline/ Assignments

Ford Motor Company (Strategy, Complexity, Push vs Pull)
1. What advantages does Dell derive from virtual integration? How important are this advantages in the auto business? 2. What challenges does Ford fact that are not faced by Dell? How should Ford deal with these challenges? 3. If you are Teri Takai, what would you recommend to senior executives? Tow what degree should Ford emulate Dell’s business model?

Herman Miller: Innovation by Design? (Supply Chain Strategy) 1. What are the main elements of Herman Miller’s history, design philospophy, and corporate values? How have they influenced the company’s success? 2. What led Miller SQA to develop a new business model to serve its market? What is this model and how does it work? 3. What allowed Miller SQA to reduce a 6 – 8 week order-to-installation process to an average of 6 days? 4. In what ways is the Miller SQA business model a departure for Herman Miller? Are there ways in which it is consistent with the past? 5. What would you advise Van Spronsen to do about his new assignment? Defend your response.


Baria Planning Solutions, Inc.: Fixing the Sales Process (Process Variability, Process Analytics) Due February 12, 2014 at 2pm
1. What are the organizational and operational issues that underlie the problems facing BPS 2. What factors contributed to the company’s decision to organize the Sales team by industry? What factors contributed to the company’s decision to organize the Sales Support group in a hybrid structure? What aspects of the sales process are most valued by customers? 3. What alternatives are available for dealing with the problems in the Sales Support group? Who did you evaluate the alternatives? What actions should Christy Conner propose to Brandon Ali? 4. How do you think each of the major internal constituents, specifically Brandon Ali, Chuck Dee, Jan Albright, the Sales team, and the Sales Support group, will react to...
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