Supply Chain Management

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By: Norhan Fekry
Dalia Amr
Adham Hosny
Menna Ibrahim
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Table of Contents

I.What is “Supply Chain”?3
II.What is “Supply Chain management”?3
IV.Implementing Supply Chain Management ( Failure reasons and success factors)5
V.The five key dimensions of supply chain managementthrough the implementation procedure that are required to achieve superior performance:8
VI.Implementing Integrated Supply Chain Management:10
VII.The Five Most Common Supply Chain Challenges11
VIII.What is the goal of installing supply chain management software?12
IX.Some of the numerous benefits from SCM13
X.Benefits of integrated supply chain management13
XI.Why Companies Use Supply Chain Management Systems?14

I. What is “Supply Chain”?

* It is a network of many interconnected companies involved in producing a product or service. * In basic terms it is all the activities involved from the time you decide to buy the raw materials to the time it gets delivered to the customers. II. What is “Supply Chain management”?

Supply chain management is the way in which companies try to improve their raw components in order to have a better product to service to deliver to these customers. It consists of 5 basic components:

* Plan: companies need to find a strategy for managing their resources to meet customer demands. Measuring performance, and being efficient without effecting quality. * Source: next, Companies my chose their suppliers (the delivery of the good and services) here is where pricing, delivery & payment process with the suppliers are created. * Make: Next, we start manufacturing. Here we start scheduling the activities needed for producing, testing, packaging, and preparing for delivery. * Deliver: After that we establish a network of warehouses, and arrange transportation to deliver the products to customers. * Return: We then have to create a flexible network in order to receive defected products back from the customer, and arrange payback methods.

* Information systems play a crucial role in those 5 basic components of a supply chain. Without Information systems, companies will never reach a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. According to the Harvard Business review, over 70% of companies who refuse to put in the capital and effort to establish a good information system to match their product or service FAIL. III. ISCM (Integrated SCM) implementation steps

ISCM implementation steps include:
* Assessing supply chain opportunities
* Developing an ISCM vision
* Developing an ISCM strategy
* Creating the optimum ISCM organizationalstructure
* Establishing the ISCM information and communication network * Translating the ISCM strategy into actions

IV. Implementing Supply Chain Management ( Failure reasons and success factors)

* The reasons for failure of new application solution implementation include lack of management support, inadequate training and not enough thorough testing. * While these grounds appear legitimate, it seems that the biggest factor in the collapse of supply chain management (SCM) implementation is relegated to the back page. That factor is change -- the type of change inflicted on an organization with little regard for how greatly it will impact the people and processes that serve as the engine of the business. * The basis for most SCM solution implementations is to provide greater visibility to the supply chain and its integrated parts. The use of these types of systems brings a new way of doing business and with that, monumental change in how people do their jobs. In order for staff to become true proponents of this change in everyday life, it is crucial to make them part of the process from its...
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