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All will be equivocal – micro entrepreneurship at the rural level contributes much towards overall development of rural economy. Without the development of rural economy, it is unthinkable to have social development and increase in the quality of life of rural folk. This can be achieved trough tapping the natural resources of the rural areas (area specific) of India and converting them to possibilities of value added products most wanted by the urban lots. Now-a – days, the demand for fruit jams, jelly, squash, Pickles, Banana/ potato/ Arbi chips etc. has increased many fold due to dearth of time or leisure at the hand of the women folk at home as they are also working along with their husbands. In this monogram we make an humble attempt to provide procedures for some of the fruit and vegetable processing like Jam, Jelly, Sauce, Squash, Chips etc. along with the economics & cost effectiveness of the processes.

Detailed Procedure for Preparation of Fruit Jam
Jam is a nutritious and palatable product prepared from fresh fruits like Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Plume, Apple etc. Besides, it can be manufactured from locally available fruits. Due to rapid urbanization and change in life-style the demand for jam or jelly is increasing day by day. The present article gives a detailed procedure for preparation of 1 kg of jam from mixed fruits like Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Apple etc.

Ingredients :
1. Grated mixed fruits
1.250 kg of fresh fruit will
yield 1 kg of grated fruit
2. Sugar 1 kg
3. Citric Acid 8-10 g
4. Sodium Benzoate 2.5 g
5. Colour and Essence as required
Procedure: Fruits are peeled, cut in to small pieces and grated followed by boiling in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes. The boiled materials are made into to pulp and sieved through wire mesh. Pulp and sugar are mixed in a proportion of 1:1 and heated till it is thick. The concentrated pulp is then cooled and sodium benzoate is added. In case of mixed fruit jam, addition of essence and colour may not be required as different fruits impart different colour and flavour. But for a mono fruit jam, essence and colour may be added.

Well cooled material is packed in well sterilized bottles secured with pilfer proof caps. Air tightness of the packaging will ensure better shelf-life of the product. Economics : At an yield of 1.5 kg ( Guava or Banana or Mango or Pineapple) Jam

1. Cost of 1250 of
2. Sugar Rs.45.00
3. Cost of Processing Rs.20.00
4. cost of Packaging Rs.5.00
5. Other over heads Rs.15.00
Total Rs.135.00
Expected sale price per kg = Rs.120.00
Total return on 1.5. kg of the product = Rs.180.00
Hence, total profit would be Rs.45.00
Note: It is always advisable and profitable too that the product should be manufactured from locally available fruits. Fresh stuff .when available in plenty should be used for the purpose. For better marketability, quality control is highly essential. Therefore, entrepreneurs are advised to get FPO licence from the appropriate authority.

Detailed Procedure for Preparation of Jelly
Jelly is another tasty and nutritive preparation from fresh fruits like guava, orange, mango etc. It is different from that of jam on the point that due to natural pectin available in the fruit such as banana or guava or added pectin the product looks as crystal clear jelly like material.

Recipe - ! For Guava Jelly
( For 1.5 kg of product)
1. Guava 1 kg
2. Water 1500ml
3. Sugar 1 kg
4. Citric acid 10 g
5. Raspberry red colour as required
Recipe -2 for Other Fruits which do not have Pectin
1. Fruit juice - Pineapple/ Mango/
1 litre
2. Sugar 1 kg
3. Citric acid( Amount of citric acid will
vary depending upon the sourness of
the fruit)
5-1 0g
4. Pectin powder 10g
5. Permitted colour as
6. Permitted Essence as
Procedure for Guava Jelly
Fresh guava ( 1 kg ) is peeled, cut into slices and boiled in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. The juice is filtered...
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