Supply Chain from Manufacturing to Shelf: Assignment

Topics: Supply chain management, Management, Marketing Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Faculty of Business Studies
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B203 A: Business functions in context I
Second Semester 2012 – 2013
Supply chain from manufacturing to shelf

Name: Carla Sharafeldine
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Question 1 (25 marks, 400 words)
Give three examples of how Kellogg’s demonstrates good supply chain management. How can Kellogg’s make improvements both for its business and for the environment? After going through Kellogg’s supply chain in deep, we can find out that the process they are applying covers each step of the marketing matrix in a very professional and highly manner way starting from the phase of manufacturing ending it up to the shelving of its end products. As we have got learnt that the supply chain is composed of three different tiers (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors) and having Kellogg focusing on its main business sector of expertise positioned in the secondary sector, by performing their extensive research and development on customer needs to manufacture fine Cornflakes & getting aside from the headache of engagement to master other sectors (Distribution by covering the storage and transportation from the first side and Retail from the other side) along with the action they took in partnering with leader partners to fulfill the complete supply chain process would definitely position them to be pioneers in their area this would positively affect their business in reducing time and cost to distribution and retail. Additional to that Kellogg has also succeeded in reducing cost in transportation & Carbon footprint by reallocating their depot after being 15 away from Warrington having it only one mile far from its largest UK production Plant in Trafford Park in Manchester. Least but not last Kellogg also use the just-in-time where stock will be limited with the guarantee of having Kellogg’s products always on shelf ready to be sold to consumers at anytime in the retail stores by this retailers will also...
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