Supply Chain at Coffee Shop

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Describe the supply chain of a cffee shop (of your choice) serving coffee and snacks. In what ways globalization and technology affects the supply chains? What are the main challenges for the supply chain for the successful operation of the coffee shop. Make necessary assumptions.

1. Supply chain in Costa Coffee starts at their 2 basic inventories; bakery supplies, and coffee supplies. Bakery is catered by Bells of Lazonby at the moment. While their coffee is coming from South America, Africa and the Far East. Then arrives to their many outlets, out bringing best of aromatic coffee and fresh goods to their satisfied customers.

2. In my opinion, technology is the corner stone to globalization. Supply chains and transportations that brought globalization were known many years back, but only in the recent years they advanced to the level that made it convenient to users, lower in costs, and faster than ever. For instance, companies that specialize in e-commerce, transportation, and business services have rose in numbers, many example includes FedEx, Aramex, and DHL. Not too long, sending packages was a long and complicated process, involving a lot of paperwork and high fees. Now, with these companies, it’s as simple as a click of a button! You can arrange everything through their website, they even have tracking systems to track your shipment until it arrives to your doorstep.

3. The process of supply chains have 4 flows; materials, information, cash, and return. Materials flow in on way; from suppliers to producers then to the end users. Can you imagine a coffee house that is out of coffee? This is how critical the arrival of materials is!

Information, if not accurate, can actually break the supply chain! One mistake that can happen is providing wrong dates to the suppliers, so instead of having your bakery fresh out of the oven, you get them 1 day old. Think about the serious loss you just caused to all of that cuisines you’re selling!

The flow of...
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