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Decisions Regarding Product Design
I determined my product design decisions based on information gathered from market research. Market research grouped the specific needs of each consumer group in order of importance. In the first three quarters I was targeting my products to the workhorse and Mercedes classes because they has the largest populations. Based on market research, the top 4 priorities for the workhorse class was that a computer be easy to use, has a low price tag, has office applications and after sales service and support. The top 4 priorities for the Mercedes class was that the computer be fast and powerful, contains engineering applications, can be linked with other computers and that it is easy on the eyes. I made sure to work these top priorities into the design of my products. Over the course of the year, I continued to analyze the market research and make improvements to the products. In quarter three, I decided to make a whole new design for the workhorse class to better meet their needs. I improved the Mercedes' class computer to meet the needs of the consumers by adding updates to the design in quarters three and four. Because I was striving to meet the needs of the consumer, I was able to sell out of my products every quarter and lead the market in sales.

Target Markets

The response identifies how the Workhorse, Mercedes, and Travelers markets were selected and their results during the simulation. Please discuss whether to change the selected target markets if given the opportunity to repeat the simulation.

To consider whether target markets would be changed, please revisit the section entitled Supply Chain Management Simulation in the JCT2 Course of Study by following this link (or copy and paste the link into a new browser address bar): and then click on Marketplace Business Fundamentals simulation. I originally decided on which markets to target based on market research....
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