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SUMMERY: Wii (pronounced as ‘we’) is most popular gaming console today coming from the basket of gaming giant Nintendo. Nintendo launched Wii not to enter into competition of already existing segment of gaming console like its own Game Cube, Sony’s Play station or Microsoft’s Xbox 360 but to create a new gaming population. Wii is totally different in terms of operation as it involves a gamer as part of gaming by connecting gamers body movement with the movement of character in the game. Beside that it offers some exciting games which involves exercising and aerobics. It offers something for everybody, from children’s to aged all find a reason to have a Wii and that is how it was promoted and advertised from beginning. Its success is not less than Ipod’s success.

Question 1: According to Mr. Iwata, the Wii could not have been accomplished if we had tried to make a new game console in conventional manner? What does this mean?

Answer: The answer to this question lies in question itself. Thinking better would not have made development of Wii possible rather they would have ended up making another advance ‘Game Cube’ which would not have been significant success and definitely face competition from Sony and Microsoft.

Question 2: Which positioning strategy or strategies discussed in the chapter seems to have been used, how successful has Nintendo been in achieving this desired position, what are the major drawbacks?

Answer: Two strategy that are used in to push Wii and make it successful were

1. Thinking different and developing new product which is out of current stream or market trend

2. Advertising ($200 million in one year) in such a way that it targets all from kids to their grandparents which created a population that follows Wii trend.

The only drawback of Wii system is pricing $250 for unit and additional charges for buying game could have been lowered more to hit more population. Even though it’s competitively priced but...
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