Superstorm Sandy

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Political environment3
Economic Environment4


Last year November 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast of United States wiping out the entire communities and brings huge destruction to New York City. Hurricane sandy was the most deadly hurricane of 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. The death from Sandy hurricane as of 1st November 2012 was at least 149 died. The confirmed deaths are from New york, New Jersey, Maryland and many more. The storm became the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, as they measured by diameter, with wind spanning 1,100 miles. Sandy developed from Tropical Wave to a Tropical Storm Sandy in just six hours. It becomes hurricane on the 24th October 2012 when it reaches the maximum sustained winds. The Election Day delayed to another week.

Political environment

The Hurricane Sandy hit US a week before the US General Election and it had an impact on the campaigns. The day after the hurricane sandy hit eastern United States, a political debate started because of whether Mitt Romney, the republican presidential nominee suggested the elimination of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an agency of United States Department of Homeland Security which is to coordinate the response to a disaster that happened in US in October 2012. If the power still intermittence last for one week, the effect could still reverberate on the Election Day itself.

Both of them, Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney have suspended the campaign activities as the North-East affliction of the natural disaster and to focus on managing the disaster for now. On the other hand, people might assume during the disaster that the party will be the most enthusiastic voters, which they call it Republican Party. While on Obama side, this is the opportunity for him to show presidential leadership as the White House work together with the federal agencies and the government will provide what they will need. As what in the website said, this impact in unclear and is likely to give rise to misunderstanding.

A never used federal law stated the authority to reschedule or cancel the Election Day if it’s cannot choose the presidential electors on Election Day. But some people suggest to not canceling but just to hold it until everything is settle. Some part of United States early-voting was cancelled due to the superstorm sandy. As what Professor Healy said that he can’t think of a case where he have seen what could be such a shock to voters’ emotion so close to the election and he quoted that “There is no time to digest the crisis here. That distance just isn’t going to be there this time,”

Economic Environment

Economic Environment is the economic factors for example, employment, income, inflation etc. The devastating effects of the Hurricane Sandy to the people and the property will be likely large. Now, some people don’t want to approach the people who are from the Hurricane Katrina. Economic forecasters expect a dip in economic activity followed by a recovery that’s fueled by repair efforts that in some cases could replace an old building machine, and a new infrastructure, better ones. But no one thinks that the natural disasters are good for the economy.

As you can see from the picture above it shows that the potential losses from the Hurricane Sandy and the analysis are in Billions and it’s only for each country. If we add all the losses from all country that affliction by the Hurricane Sandy it will be more than $10 billion US dollars. Superstorm sandy damaged houses, buildings, businesses etc. It also affects the US economy. The Wall Street Juniors reports that from the disaster modeling firm Eqecat Incorporation of $10 billion to $20 billion US dollars insured by a private companies and additional losses insured by National Flood Insurance...

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