Superstition and Daily Life Dealings

Topics: Superstition, Luck, Omen Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: August 25, 2013
What is Superstition?
What does the word superstition mean to you? We really find it difficult to define it. According to one simple definition, feelings or believes involving fear of some unseen forces is called superstition. For example, if a person believes that by wearing some kind of charm he will be protected from evil spirits and bad luck and without wearing it he will be under the influence of some unseen forces and also he will have bad luck. This kind of feelings or believes which involve fear of unseen forces, which can’t be proved, is called superstition and those people who have such kind of believes are known as superstitious people. This kind of people believes in signs and numbers of good luck and bad luck and their whole live are greatly affected by these signs and numbers. How did Superstitions Begin?

It is almost impossible to say that when people started believing in signs and numbers because there are many things all of us believe in that can’t be proved. At certain times in man’s history, and even today, everyone believed in certain things that now we regard as superstitions. At that time science was not as much developed as today, so those things and events which wondered and frightened people at that time, they started believing in them and became superstitious. For instance, when they went under the trees at night time, they felt uncomfortable breathing. As they didn’t know any authentic reason behind this fact so they started believing that to go under trees at night time invites the anger of Ghost which makes their breathing uncomfortable in order to harm them. But, today we all know that trees absorb oxygen at night time and the deficiency of oxygen under trees at night makes our breathing uncomfortable instead of Ghost. Similarly they believed that the shadow or reflection of a person is a part of soul. So, to break those...
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