Supersize me

Topics: French fries, McDonald's, Burger King Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: December 10, 2014
“Supersize me” Opinion

I felt like supersize me was a great way to finally educate consumers a little bit about how their food is made and to make more conscious decisions when deciding what to eat. It also made me feel disgusted with fast food in general and made me think twice before putting my money in their pockets for something that you just put in your mouth and can’t be called actual food because it isn’t food and has little to no nutritional value. I think that this documentary goes even farther beyond just nutritional value of McDonalds products. I think that it sheds light to the public on what not only McDonalds is about but corporate America in general. It’s essential for them to keep things that go on behind the scenes hidden from the public because if the public were to find out, most corporations would take a huge downfall and have to handle an ocean full of lawsuits. Fast food becomes a part of society in the way its easily accessible and so frequent in everything we do. Their names become part of our language, their symbols become part of our sightseeing, their slogans become our new top-forty songs, and their food becomes our new staple food. They are so synonymous with everyday life now that it’s no surprise to see 5 Burger Kings in one town, but only one hospital and 2 schools. Family and friends see the restaurants as nothing out of the ordinary, and they see it as acceptable to celebrate birthdays in a place where human consumption reigns supreme. It’s hard for me to think about how much different our world in general and our lives would be without massive corporations like McDonalds. For one, we would be much healthier for the most part; we wouldn’t have to worry about consuming crap with no nutritional value because it wouldn’t exist. If we were to lead lives without ever having corporations, we wouldn’t be so materialistic and always wanting or being under the belief that we need this item whether it will make you cool, smart, or...
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