Supernatural Creatures in the Philippines

Topics: Mythology, Philippine mythology, Luck Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Philippine folklore, unlike Greek or Roman mythologies, has not been organized into a formal pantheon, does not generally contain long epics, nor has it been relegated to history. To this day, Philippine myths still have an active role in the lives of rural Filipinos. The countless myths circulating throughout the Filipino countryside contain a large variety of mythical creatures. Although there is no scientific evidence for any of these creatures, there is also no shortage in the rural parts of the Philippines of people who believe firmly in their existence. This discrepancy is sometimes rationalized by the explanation that only pure and good mortals are able to see these creatures.

Dwarves which are of two types, white (good) and black (bad). They live on the base of trees and termite mounds. If their homes are disturbed or destroyed they take revenge by giving bad luck, lingering illness or even death. White dwarves when treated with respect and kindness bring good luck and treasures. Sometimes a dwarf prince/princess may fall in love with a human and bring their spirit to their underground kingdom. Psychological disorders and retardation are often blamed on dwarves.

Kapre: Pronounced ( Ka-Pre)

This black hairy giant likes to sit on a branch of a Balite tree and smoke his big cigar. They have big eyes, sharp teeth, long fingernails and huge trunk like legs. Appearing usually at midnight, they scare the wits out of hapless travelers and are often harmless.

Tikbalang: Pronounced (Tik-ba-lang)

This malevolent creature has the head and lower body of a horse and the torso of a man. They often scare or play tricks with travelers by getting them lost. They will even attempt to trick young maidens to marry them.

Mangkukulam/Mangbabarang: Pronounced (Mang-ku-ku-lam/ mang-ba-ba-rang)

A witch that uses “black magic” to do harm to others, usually for profit or revenge. Using spells, incantations and curses they can cause pain, sickness and even...
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