Supernatural beings and their proof in Islam

Topics: God, Supernatural, Islam Pages: 4 (1680 words) Published: December 19, 2013
Supernatural Beings
And Their Proof of Existence
From an
Islamic Perspective

Throughout time, many humans seem to have always held an interest for the supernatural and the world of the unseen (“World of the Jinn”). The existence of a world similar to our own has always fascinated and captivated many people and led to the belief in supernatural beings (“World of the Jinn”). Supernatural beings are believed to be non-physical spirits or beings that cannot always be seen and are believed to have powers. Their forms vary from being souls of dead people or a completely different creation than humans. Many religions, such as Islam, promote and hold the belief that these beings do exist. Islam holds the belief that there is a creation of supernatural beings that exist whom are similar yet completely different from humans, known as Jinns. They live amongst humans on earth, but they that cannot be seen or heard on a regular basis except when the Jinns themselves want to be seen. They are believed to be made of fire and have powers and supernatural abilities. Though the belief of supernatural beings exists, there are some people who revoke this belief and claim that supernatural beings do not exist. They do not believe in supernatural beings and the unseen for many reasons such as the belief that supernatural beings are just a spiritual concept, they come from external material forces such as alcohol or stress, they are used in stories only to help amuse people, they form from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, etc. However, these people that do not believe in the existence of supernatural beings are in denial because they do not want to come to acceptance that there is a creation amongst them that they cannot see that do exist due to believing that supernatural beings is an unrealistic concept. A supernatural creation that are similar yet different to humans do exist and Islamic perspectives help to explain and prove their existence providing answers to...
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