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Supernatural refers to a “belief in something beyond the physical, material world [that] is unexplainable and powerful” (Matlock 18). The intriguing aspects include the “thrill of being scared, the fear of paranormal phenomena, and the different possibilities that science cannot explain (Matlock 18). Being Human, a BBC television series, catches the viewer’s attention by its supernatural components. The shows main characters are Mitchell (Aidan Turner), who is “reborn as a vicious vampire after his death in World War I,” George (Russell Tovey) a socially awkward werewolf, and Annie (Lenora Crichlow) who is an emotionally fragile ghost (Axmaker 35). All three of these supernatural monsters live in an apartment together in Bristol while trying to live normal lives (Axmaker 35). I think you should take out this whole sentence -However, their so-called normal lives conflict with their supernatural lives. The series shows Mitchell, George, and Annie trying to lead double lives by attempting to be a part of the human world as well as the supernatural world. Their human flaws however, become evident in their supernatural worlds. The characters are faced with many challenges while managing to be a part of both worlds, through which they realize that they are actually being given a second chance at life.

In Being Human UK, Mitchell, George, and Annie are creatures that are “fusions of a person with counterintuitive properties” (Petersen 94). Their supernatural lives are burdened with the flaws from their previous lives. Mitchell, as a human, took advantage of his good looks and used people. When he becomes a vampire, the ultimate user, and has the desire to drink blood and kill people, he realizes he needs to change. One of the first ways he tries to change is by refraining from drinking blood. He does not want to use people because only death will come from it. On the other hand, George, as a human, did not have any confidence and was socially awkward, especially around women. Becoming a werewolf allowed him to realize that he needs to stop being afraid of the outside world and develop enough confidence to be himself around others. Mitchell even states that George needs to be able to turn into a werewolf inside their house and accept who he is. (watch clip and cite quotation). Annie in her previous life had everything going for her. She went to university, met the love of her life Owen (Greg Chillen), and was happily engaged. She was determined to always get what she wanted. Now as a ghost, only Mitchell and George can see her and she is finding it difficult to accept that her fiancé has moved on and she is no longer in control (Lowry 1). Through her ghostly existence, she starts to realize that she can be independent and happy without Owen’s presence. All three of these characters “support each other in an effort to be as normal as possible” and are faced with conflicts because of their double lives (Lowry 1). This BBC show allows viewers to witness the characters learning about second chances.

Mitchell’s “double identity and ‘normal’ aspects of his personality” are what attract us to his character (Petersen 105). Throughout the series he is faced with situations that require him to decide which world he wants to be a part of. One of his struggles, as a vampire, is when he has to decide whether he wants to convert people in order to save their lives. Laura, (djfaslkal) one of his co-workers, was dying because of another woman he converted. Here, Mitchell was perplexed by the choice of letting Laura die or saving her life by turning her into a vampire. George yells at Mitchell to do something because she is dying but Mitchell responds by saying “Not another one I can’t” and allows Laura to die (Being Human 1.1). Mitchell also does not want to seem suspicious, so he tries everything he can to be perceived as ‘normal’. In the second episode in season one Mitchell invites their neighbors over for tea to...
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