Superman vs batman

Topics: Superman, Batman / Pages: 3 (515 words) / Published: Oct 1st, 2013
Batman vs. Superman Imagine being a child having your favorite superhero. You had everything that had to do with that superhero; Toys, t-shirts, and VHS tapes. You looked up to these hero’s. Two of the most popular superheros are Batman and Superman. Two very different characters from there costumes, attitude and story. Batman is more of a realistic character. Born in Gotham city; With the alter ego of Bruce Wayne. As a child he witnessed the murder of his parents. For years he trained, physically and mentally to get revenge and fight crime on all criminals in Gothham City. After his parents death, The only person Batman trusted was his butler; who raised him. Batman costume is a dark gray full body suit, a bat-like mask, black gloves and boots, a yellow utility belt and black briefs. On his chest you'll see a yellow bat emblem. He wears his costume to conceal his identity and to scare the criminals. The utility belt is the most important thing about his costume. He's the only one who know how to open any of the pockets. His belt usually carries flash or gas grenades, coiled rope, explosives, lock pick and many other things. His head quarters is located beneath his home in a hidden cave. He gets into it through a secret door in his home behind a bookcase. He also entered it through another secret entrance covered by a waterfall which came out on service road for the bat mobile. Him and several of is allies, known as the Batman Family are the only one who have knowledge of the cave. Superman was born on the planet Krypton he was know as Kal-El. Moments before the planet's destruction, his father rocketed him to earth as a baby. He was adopted and then name Clark Kent. He grew up in the town of Smallville. Undercover he works as a news reporter for the Daily Planet. Superman’s costumes consist of a blue full body jumpsuit with red briefs, red boots and a long red cape. On his chest there’s a red a gold emblem in the shape of an S. Unlike batman,

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