Superman Rhetorical

Topics: World War II, Superman, Sociology Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Joseline Garcia
Lisa Jackson
English 1301
February 18, 2013
Rough draft
In the documentary Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman, the people thought of Superman as a hope to World War II, women’s action in the 1940, and Anti- Americans activities. In this essay the reader is going to learn why Superman is a Rhetorical example. “Not only does Rhetorical object express the values…of a society, but also its ideologies, hopes, fears, religion, social structure, and metaphysics (Burgchardt 698),” said Jencks. As the readers see Superman is all the characteristics of Jencks quote. In 1940s Superman was an example of men back then they did the hard work but in the movies and comic books of Superman he wasn’t the only strong person in there, Lois Lane was the strong women in Superman. Jencks reference regarding the social structures in the society. Lois lane would be getting into trouble to find the detail to write her report Superman would always have to rescue. Her actions in the 40s weren’t right back then the women’s were barely getting there rights to vote or to do the thing that men would be able to do. Bitzer defines this as exigency, Lois would overcome the structure of the women rights and show that women can do more than they thing. Through the rough time in American history, Superman was able to calm the fears of his readers. In World War II Superman is shown punching a Nazi soldier above a caption that reads, “Compliments of Uncle Sam.” The American public was suffering while its men were going Europe continent to fight in an extremely dangerous war. Superman cheered on the troops and urged readers to recycle crap paper and war bond, by this Superman showed the audience hopes. Superman represented a power that could uphold their values and ideologies. The document shows that Bitzer defines exigency, by show that the troops had to leave there love one behind. After WWII was over Superman was bigger than ever. The Mole People movie was...
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