Superman and Me and Daughter of Invention

Topics: Sherman Alexie, Spokane people, Writer Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Meaghan Quinn Quinn 1 English 102
Section #20
Journal Writing #1

In the short story, Superman and Me, the author Sherman Alexie writes, “I loved those books, but I also knew that love had only one purpose. I was trying to save my life” (Alexie 6). As a young Indian boy living on the Spokane Indian Reservation, Alexie is “expected to be stupid” (Alexie 5). However, as he strives in school through reading, the other Indian children shun him. Alexie knew from a young age that he would not be on the reservation for all of his life. “I refused to fail. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky” (Alexie 6). Although at first he believed he would become a pediatrician, books became such an influence in his life that he is now a writer. Now he visits young Indian children on the reservation, who are reading and writing and “trying to save their lives” (Alexie 6).

In the short story, Daughter of Invention, the author Julia Alvarez also uses books and writing to help her succeed and “save her life”. When her family comes to America, she does very well in school, and she is asked to write a speech for a school assembly. When she is finally able to write the speech, her father fears her teachers will find her words disrespectful and destroys her speech. Her mother, who loves to invent, helps her write a new speech and also helps her begin her career as a writer. The two authors’ stories are similar that without the influence of books, reading and writing in their childhoods, their lives as adults would be drastically different than what they are now. Quinn 2

The authors’ situations are also very different from one another. Alexie went against the belief that Indians on the reservation were not intelligent and also realized the potential in the other young Indians around him. Because of this, the other Indians saw him as an outcast. “Those who failed were...

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