Superman and Me

Topics: Present tense, Past tense, Sherman Alexie Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: October 21, 2013
“Superman and Me”
In the article “Superman and Me”, Sherman Alexie gives a biography of his life as a poor Indian boy who successfully self-educated himself through literature. Through the medium of past experiences as a minority with a strong hunger for learning, Alexie reminds everyone of the potential for an individual to overcome adversity through perseverance and diligence. With an informal tone pervading throughout his article, Alexie aims considerably at non-Indian children, hoping to give initiative on the power and importance of education for minority students like him. Despite being characterized as a minority in the past, he was able to break away of stereotypes on society as a result of his race. Ultimately his ability to erase conventional beliefs on the ethics of Indian children allows Sherman Alexie to successfully portray such a notion.

By using alliteration, Alexie prosperously emphasizes his ability to overcome hardship and stereotypical barriers by mentioning his self triumph and then linking it back to his teaching career in the future. Alexie proclaimed that “[He] was smart. [He] was arrogant. [He] was lucky,” ultimately proclaiming that despite being pitied by non-Indians for being different from other students, he refused to give up on his passion for learning, and found reading as a habitual hobby of his. Note that he specifies his characteristics in a particular order putting “smart” as his first, because he first begins his narrative telling the audience that he was a child prodigy who was able to self-teach himself literature and reading comprehension through actions and visuals. He then goes on to being “arrogant” since he chose to be aloof from other students by being a “smart Indian,” after realizing his prodigy-like mentality. In the beginning he also mentions these statements in the past tense, then ending his article by saying the same statements in the present tense, exemplifying two different purposes to...
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