Topics: Management, Leadership, Control Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Organizational behavior

Super leadership. How the style would be practiced in terms of running the organization?

As I interpret, a super leader is a person who creates self-managed work teams by using coaching and teaching methods rather than authority and dictation. Self-management is the opposite of micro-management and is comparatively much more effective. In my essay I’ll try to provide the arguments why self-management is better by showing the example from my personal experience. Micro-management is about treating employees as lazy and controlling them all the time. As a result, the employees get discouraged and not dedicated to achieving the organization’s goals. Micro-management is much worse than self-management, because employees will undermine the reputation of the company by telling others how bad it is to work there. It’s not beneficial for the leaders to use a dictator hierarchy, because employees will be prone to betraying the company by disclosing some information to competitors. Employers will also lose their qualified staff if they treat them this way. When I worked in McDonald’s last summer, I was micromanaged all the time. The managers never stated what and when I should do. I was supposed to work as a cashier on counter serving the customers and at the same time I washed the floor at the restaurant, wiped the tables, swept, prepared drinks and desserts. I was asked to wipe up the tables or sweep when there were no customers for a minute. And when they came, I was criticized by the manager on the fact that I didn’t see the customer coming. Not done with cleaning I had to rush and take orders, prepare desserts and drinks as people finish ordering. Whenever I had a free minute standing on the counter, the manager used to grumble at me and say: “You are not allowed to stand doing nothing, you should always be busy. Do cleaning, make sure you stock your drinks, cups, lids, and shakes. Whenever you see the customer, you need to stop and serve...
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