Topics: Superhero, Superman, Batman Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Superhero, a moral example
What images will come into your mind when you are thinking about Superhero? People usually image superheroes as men that with extraordinary powers. And they are secret identity that would like to protect other people from dangerous but never ask for reward. Superheroes are famous to people since Superman debuted in 1978. Today, millions of dollars has spent on Superhero movie in Hollywood because more and more people become a superhero fan to identify with the heroes, sharing not only their special powers, but also their adventure stories. In the Hollywood movies, a superhero usually is a white man with extraordinary powers and abilities that beyond normal human beings. Superheroes devote themselves to fighting crime or evil without expectation of reward. The superheroes usually consider as the moral code, however, different people hold different attitudes toward superheroes that some people do not agree that superheroes are moral examples. They believe that superheroes are a kind of selfless heroism but they have done so by their self-interest. And superheroes usually break laws in their actions which are against our society. Moreover, a lot of people seem to think that superheroes will use their super power to destroy our world in the future. Thus, superheroes cannot be considered as moral examples. Even though self-interest influences superheroes’ heroism, superheroes are moral examples because their actions are lead to be greater good than evil. People usually doubt about a superhero like superman is a kind of selfless heroism but he has done so by “acting in his own self-interest” (Waid, 10). Superman acts this because his natural instincts, so we can argue that superheroes do this because their self-interest make them like to do this. Loeb and Morris point out that, some people think about Superheroes and their actives that “they do it because they like to do it” (13). However, Waid point out that “in helping others, Superman...
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