Superhero Morality

Topics: Morality, Superhero, Batman Pages: 3 (1219 words) Published: March 19, 2014
I intend to prove that superheroes are not immoral for not abiding by the law. I am defining immorality as going against was is accepted as good behavior. Superheroes are very simply people who defend and protect those in need with their extraordinary abilities. Superman, Batman, the Flash, Ironman, Captain America, Thor and many others have graced us with their entertainment in movies, comic-books, and television shows. Their purpose is to save mankind in ways that “ordinary” people can’t. Superheros are not ordinary so they should not have to abide by laws that ordinary people put into place. People are not supposed to go out and take the law into their own hands. Essentially that makes them criminals. But let me ask a question. If somebody has a broken arm and can’t open a door isn’t it your moral obligation to open the door for them if you can? The same thing applies to superheroes, when the law is incapable of stopping people that are hurting people who are unable to defend themselves and the superheroes can, isn’t it their responsibility to stop them? As Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Take Batman in the series the Dark Knight. For years gangs ran the city with the law being incapable of doing anything because everyone was afraid of testifying against the gangs. People were being killed, stores were being robbed, children were being forced to watch their parents die. Enforcers of the law were in the pockets of these criminals. Crime ran the city, until one citizen decided to do something about it, Bruce Wayne. Now Bruce was not a cop, he technically had no authority to go about eliminating crime lords but the people with the authority to take out the crime lords were incapable of doing it because of the law itself. Law is supposed to help keep order in the world, but in Gotham it was keeping the crime in order. So Batman rose. Superheroes are the only ones that can standup and make a change when the law is...
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