Superhero Glamour

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Superhero glamour
Superheroes have been around for several of years providing people with a sense of relief from everyday problems. Superman, who is known as a superhero, has been the biggest hit in the movie industry since Titanic came out. However, what is a cinematic hero and who can be one. A cinematic hero is a person who usually possesses a depicted trait common to the notion of hero. He or she usually has emotional, physical, and moral strength as well as optimism and luck. Robert B. Ray looks at the way’s films have treated different characters as heroes. Heroes may be on both sides of the law. However, there are official heroes and outlaw heroes. The outlaw hero tends to represent a person who does not, for the most part feel comfortable in society and therefore, takes the law into his or hers’ own hands. Official heroes, on the other hand, symbolize adulthood and somewhat confident in society in which they make sacrifices for what they believe in. Linda Seager, “Creating a Myth” defines how characters are created based on archetypes. However, most heroes are introduced as having a humble beginning until a devastating accident happens that begins the story. Therefore, the hero is transformed into an extraordinary person who over comes the obstacles required to achieve his or hers’ goal. Superheroes have extraordinary powers and a second identity; however cinematic heroes are a type of screen character with a solid name, such as Harry Potter, James Bond and Luke Skywalker. But then again Super heroes have started on Comics Books and therefore, are archetypes of today.

What is glamour, and what comes to mind. Glamour is defined as emotion rather than beauty or luxury. When the audience’s dreams permit an emotional response is produced, which then is projected into glamour it’s self. Superheroes attract so many people because of their emotional appeal as well as their astonishing powers and...
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