Topics: Jor-El, Lois Lane, Superman Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: May 31, 2012
A day in the life of a SUPERHERO! David Klein

It was a very sleepless night. My pillow was not fluffy enough and my night light just seemed to be too bright.
When I woke up, I was in a different room. Wow! This room was beautiful! The walls were made of an elaborate satin wall paper. My dressers were made of what looked like to be the weirdest shade of wood and the tops made of a teal blue granite color. My bed was different to. The sheets felt amazingly soft and seemed to be satin. Weird. My pillow also was just as fluffy as I wanted it to be! This was all very strange! Why was this happening? What were my parents doing? So many unanswered questions. No answers. I decided to get up cause I knew I wouldn’t sleep. I went to where I thought the bathroom would be and it was bigger than my old room! Dang! Did I move into the White House? This bathroom was definitely expensive. The sinks looked to be made of real silver. The toilet was gold and the flusher was made of diamond! The shower was looked bigger than my bed and the tub made bubbles! I really like bubbles. Then I realized what was happening when I looked in the mirror. I was SUPERMAN! Man isn’t this weird? Well, I went to the closet and trust me; you probably haven’t seen a closet so big! I got on the only thing in there...a business suit and headed out the room door (which had a sapphire knob) and headed out. The rest of the house was not as nice as the room I slept in.

This house is really colossal. I was trying to find the kitchen but, the first room I found was another bathroom just like a normal bathroom and the second room was an office and finally I found the kitchen. There were six people making one breakfast which ended up being mine. Which was seriously weird? Then, as soon as I was done eating, my chair started falling. (This just kept getting weirder) When I finally hit ground there was a mysterious looking...
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