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You work for a mid-sized toy company who distributes toys to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and several countries in the European Union.
This week the company issued a major recall of all toys that are manufactured at a specific factory in China after discovering that the paint used on the toys contained lead. The recall appeared on/in all national news outlets. A huge uproar from parents and other consumers in the countries to which your company distributes followed the recall.
The senior executives of the company have charged the marketing department to address the bad press that the company has been getting. You are to develop 3 strategic options which all use social media tools to present to senior management. In addition, you are to more fully develop one option that your team recommends most highly.


I did some research on out paper topic and here as some ideas I had to share.
The assignment says that we are supposed to come up with 3 ways that we COULD approach the problem and then choose one of those possible decisions and expand on how we would continue to fight the bad press we received because of the product recall. I have explored 2 of the 3 possible ways we could handle situation and I have included some documents to support why that decision would or would not be a choice for the company.

Deny any Wrong Doing - Be Defiant - Act like it is everyone else's fault but ours.
Our company could come out with a statement saying that we feel that we did nothing wrong and we feel we are being targeted to give our company a bad name. Additionally, we could try to put the blame on the manufacturer of the lead paint used on our products.

This would be a bad course of action because:
a) The public, traditionally, do not trust big companies and feel they have something to hide.
b) Taking a defensive stand will make the public feel like we have something to hide. Kind of like a child that is caught doing something wrong,

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