Superferry Ojt

Topics: Thing, Foot odor, Olfaction Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: May 11, 2012

I have so many reactions on my OJT in MV Super ferry 20. It’s my first time to ride on a ship, at first I was afraid. I’m thinking of so many things such as what might happen to us. We enjoyed our first day on the ship. We wander around, take pictures of everything. We didn’t have duty that day, that’s why we seek the whole ship. The best thing was, every part of the ship has aircon so when we feel cold, and we go in SUN DECK, where there is sunlight, to heat ourselves. It’s also hard to be in the ship. We don’t have our own comfort room. We need to fall in line in order to take a bath. So at night, we advanced our bath time so that when our duty comes in the morning, we will just wash our face and brush our teeth so that we will not be late. When it comes to food, we’re fine with it, it’s just that, the plates were not cleaned well, and the foods were always the same every day. I’ve learned so many things during our duty. I did the things that I can’t imagine doing in our house or some places. I enjoyed our housekeeping routine except the foul odor that comes from Mega Value Orange, it stinks, smells like Badjao. I enjoyed most the housekeeping in the CABIN, because we always do nothing HAHA… on island fiesta, it’s like a quick mart, they ask us to sell some goods and at the same time, we wander around the ship and also let us rest for just a moment. When it comes to front office, that fun, except for standing for almost three hours straight, our legs hurt. There are some instances, that we enjoyed each other’s company. Telling crushes with each other and some sort of the things. There’s also ghost stories rumored on each and every one. Some said that there’s a ghost in the comfort room of Mega Value Green. We got scared upon knowing those stories, how come it happened, it’s a ship so we asked the other crew, and they confirmed that scary stuff, some crew don’t believe to that but for us, that’s true. When it’s already our rest time, it’s...
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