Superbowl Advertising

Topics: Super Bowl, Super Bowl advertising, National Football League Pages: 4 (1340 words) Published: February 24, 2012
Super Bowl and Marketing
The Super Bowl, the National Football League’s (NFL) final game, features the current year’s best teams to compete against each other to decide the National champions. What you may not be aware of is that there is actually another competition going on at the same time, except this one’s for marketers. Commercials have become something that we look forward to now as entertainment. These expectations are met by many companies as we watch, rate and judge each commercial. 36% of Americans planned to share their favorite ads after the game (Horovitz). Companies use this as an opportunity to sell their products indirectly. With marketing trending towards the online community because of our advances in technology, social networking played a huge part in advertising. This year’s Super Bowl set a record of getting 111.3 million people to tune in, resetting the bar for the largest number of viewers for a single telecast in U.S. history (Stewart). With this much attention, marketers are willing to pay $3.5 million for each 30-second slot (Horovitz)! The competition was very steep this year with returning companies and new companies competing for a slice of the pie. To determine which commercials were more popular, USA Today assembles focus teams to critique and rate them, assigning each a rank. This year, USA Today featured a Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter, in which the audience voted online after each commercial so that the commercials are rated according to the public’s taste (Elliot). Amongst the many commercials, only few can be considered the elite. The top three commercials, picked by the public, are; Doritos: “Sling Baby”, Bud Light:”Weego”, and Kia:”A Dream Car. For Real Life” (2012 USA). Doritos, a popular company, known for its famous chips, has become a huge contender in the Super Bowl ad campaigns in the last years. With their corky sense of humor and clever commercials, they are able to grasp the audience and connect with them through...
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