Super Tuning Archery Equipment

Topics: Arrow, Archery, Bow Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: December 28, 2010
Super-Tuning your Compound Bow
1. Introduction
A. Archery shooting enthusiasts around the world have many different options when it comes to tuning their equipment, and it is the most important part of shooting. B. I want to share with you a few of these methods which include: Paper-tuning, Square-tuning, Nock-high tuning, and Super-tuning. C. The reason for bringing this information to you is to explain the benefits of super-tuning and hope it can help you. D. I will explain many different styles of tuning and share how your accuracy and enjoyment can improve with the proper tuning of you equipment. E. I have worked with archery equipment for nearly 14 years and I have been certified through PSE archery equipment as a trainer and archery technician. 2. Body

A. Most tuners in the archery business will only tune your bow the way that they have always done it, the way things have worked it the past, or unfamiliar with new ways of tuning. B. This leads to the first type of tuning—Paper-tuning: a. Adjusting bow to tears in a paper made by the arrow when shot. b. Changing of arrows shafts to make up for bad adjusting. c. Object being to create a clean tear through the paper. C. Square-tuning

d. Placing of a metal T square on the arrow rest and clipped to the string. e. Widely use practice for older style bows.
f. Shows where to put nock by how it lays on the arrow rest. g. Requires also use of another tuning method to work
D. Nock-high tuning
h. This method starts by placing the nock ½ to ¾ of an inch above center of the string. i. Creates downward pressure on the arrow rest, arrow rest must press back against arrow to hold it straight. j. Can slow the arrow down and have to use stiffer shafted arrows to accommodate the pressure again slowing the arrow down. E. Super-tuning

k. Everything on the bow is set up square and level.
l. Arrow rest, arrow...
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