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Topics: McDonald's, World War II, United States Pages: 4 (1609 words) Published: December 5, 2006
McDonald's constructs new restaurants all over the world. They provide a taste of American culture in places where people may not know much at all about America or Americans. They provide new industry and jobs to places that may be war torn or simply lack a good job market. This is a positive implication for the town in which the McDonald's is built but in the long run many of the negative aspects of McDonald's seem to surface. The instant gratification provided by McDonald's is the form of a cheap meal and an easy, zero training job comes at the expense of many other things.

The reason that the McDonald's corporation is so profitable is because they do everything at minimal cost. The food they sell is produced and prepared as efficiently as possible without regard to their effects on those who consume them. Due to the decreased cost of commodities, they have increased the size of their portions rather than create healthier food to promote a better diet for their consumers. Obesity in America has been growing since the 1970's because a generation has developed a taste for fat in childhood that is difficult to lose even in adulthood; essentially McDonald's food has become an addiction for many people. McDonald's and similar establishments are only partially responsible for making America so fat. Their food is unhealthy but it is the lifestyle that most Americans today are living that deserves even more of the blame. People in the United States have become increasingly sedentary. They are driving instead of walking, seldom performing manual labor, and replacing exercise with things like television, computers, and video games. McDonald's food is high in fat, sugar, animal products, and salt. A diet consisting of those things is linked to bowel cancer, heart disease, and among others obesity.

McDonald's, in a way similar to the tobacco industry, targets advertising to children. In many of their commercials is Ronald McDonald; a clown. In China, children refer...
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