Super Size Me

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“Super Size Me”
My perception of the importance of having a healthy diet and an active life Style after watching the documentary has change greatly. One would say that eating “fast food” a couple of times during a week or during a month cannot cause much damage to someone’s health, but in view of how Director Morgan Spurlock’s health went through significant changes with possibilities of developing serious health issues or having aftereffects that would not disappear even when returning to his normal diet can be an alarming sign. His method might be thought, extreme and as a diet that not many people would follow. However, a person does not have to eat at the same place every day to identify how eating fast food regularly can be bad for a person’s health. For many people it is not an experiment, but a way of life, that day to day increases their chances of being obese, diabetic or suffering from other diseases. It should be a sign that we as a society need pay more attention of what is important and how it is affecting us. It is very interesting how some restaurants promote the idea that it is okay to eat fast food, and that they cannot be blamed for the health problems that a person might suffer from eating their products. Their advertisements target people of every age, are eye-catching, and they also send a powerful message that is affecting the health of children and adults. As a future hospitality professional, I would say that their technique of using toys, zones to play, or even showing propaganda through banners, flyers or television is very effective which make it easier for these restaurants to be successful in a competitive market. Considering that besides children, they also have attracted the attention of adults by offering a wide list of choices at low cost, results in a very advantageous position for these companies. Since many people pay more attention to how they can save money than to how damaging it can be for one’s health. Nevertheless one should remember that when offering a service to a client no matter the type of industry, it should be to satisfy his/her expectations giving the client the opportunity to be inform about the advantages or disadvantages of taking a service. In my opinion, the fact that fast food restaurants like McDonalds can get away easily with offering food that can provoke high risks of suffering diseases like diabetes is very preoccupying. The percentage of people who follow a diet high in fats is increasing, but also because the nutritional information that they provide is vague, and in most occasions it is not available to the consumer. Although it is true, that it is a person’s choice to have a healthy diet or not, many of these companies do little to inform customers about the risks of consuming their food, as is the case of McDonalds. As an illustration, half of the Restaurants around Manhattan had nutritional information, but many of them were located in places where no one could see them nor would they ever be noticed. However, we cannot put all the blamed on these restaurants which provide this type of food, we also have to take into account that part of the responsibility falls on us, the consumers. Besides the lack of information, there is also the disinterest that people take in these issues. Often folks ignore how serious a situation can become, until is too late to do anything about it. Having the opportunity to make changes in our community by being more conscious of the choices we make and the support we give to restaurants which foods are deteriorating the health of many people, we can demonstrate that every life matters. Also, by exposing the risks that the consumption of fast food can have, people will be better informed and at that point they really will have the final decision. This study, shows how misleading a restaurants can be, by promoting a product without informing the effects that it can have. Although such services can make a restaurants...

Cited: Super Size Me. Perf. Morgan Spurlock. Samuel Goldwyn Films Roadside Attractions, 2004. Film.
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