Super Recession

Topics: Scientific method, Data, Qualitative research Pages: 4 (775 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Marketing Research
Spring, 2012
Instructor: Li Hui Phone: 23678072,13323326116
Office: XNA811 Email:
I. Textbook and reference books
• 《市场调研精要》第2版 William G. Zikmund 著 清华大学出版社 2004年 • 《营销管理》菲利普.科特勒著,梅汝和,梅清豪,周安柱译,人民大学出版社,2001年 • 《当代市场调研》,小卡尔.麦克丹尼尔著,机械工业出版社,2006年出版 II. Students Evaluation
Description Time Score
Class Participation 10%
Quiz 40%
Quiz 1 March 27
Quiz 2 April 24
Research Project : 25%
1. Proposal March 6 5%
2. Literature review March 29 5%
3. Questionnaire design April 10 5%
4. Completed report April 26 5%
5. Final Presentation May 3, 8, 10, 15 5%

Final Report May 18 25%
III. Research Project
1. Group discussion
During the course study of Marketing Research, you are expected to complete a research project. The research project is a group assignment. Each class must be divided into 18 groups – with 4 students in each group. A group leader should be elected, and all group members must cooperate to complete the project. 2. Project topics

You can choose one topic to make a research and finish your research report. • The comparison between Google and Baidu
• The development of Hunan TV
• How to keep brand effect of time-honored brands
• The consumption feature of Chinese consumers on luxury goods • The consumption feature of Chinese consumers on on-line shopping • About College Students employment
• The competitive competency of our local carmakers
• The development of VANCL
• The motivation of Chinese consumers to buy iphone/itouch/ipad • About Micro-blogging
• The development of Tencent
• The public environmental awareness
• The development of bookstore
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