Super Powers

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Super Powers

We have all dreamt about having super powers and how awesome that would be. When reading books or movies with characters with super powers its almost impossible not to wish you had the same ability! When we were all little kids we all thought, “If I jump high enough I can fly!” We now know that isn’t true but all kind of wish it was. There are so many different powers from flying to walking on water there’s basically a power for everything! But, if I had to choose one it would have to be the ability to be able to change the present.

I would want to be able to change the present because I could fix my mistakes and others mistakes in the blink of an eye. Say I forgot to study for my test I could just make the test be tomorrow! Or I saw my friend getting blamed for something she didn’t do I could just make the problem disappear. Yes, those reasons are important but I could also use my power for situations more serious like the wars, economy, and bullying. There are really no limits to what I could do!

Having super powers would really change my life forever. I wouldn’t want everyone knowing I have this power because some people might make fun of me for it or think its weird. I would tell my family of course and only my closest friends. Also, when I would be using my power I would have to make sure I was using it at the right time and place. I couldn’t abuse it and just use it whenever I want I would use it for emergencies only. Having this power would also really change my friends and family’s lives forever as well. The people I told would have to hold a giant secret in their whole life! Some people cant even keep a secret in for five minutes. Now try your whole life! Also, what if people got really confused when I would make things change? I wouldn’t want anyone scared or nervous.

Although having this power would be amazing I’m happy having no power. There are too many dangers and it seems...
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