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Who is the best superhero? This question has caused numerous debates between my brother, cousin and me. My brother would dress up as Batman, my cousin would be Superman and I would be Spiderman. We would fight each other dresses as our favorite superhero to settle this debate. I would always win because I was the largest of the three, and because I had the best superhero. Each of those heroes have specific traits that make the good, but I’m going to tell why Spiderman id the best.

Of the three Batman is the worst superhero. One reason he is the worst is because he technically isn’t a superhero. He has no super powers and what is a “superhero” with no powers? Another reason is because the location of his headquarters is directly under his house, so if anyone were to discover his hideout they would immediately know who Batman is. The worst reason of them all is that he only fights crime at night. How can a superhero only work at night? The last time I checked is that crime happens 24/7.

Superman is a better hero than Batman, but isn’t as good as Spiderman. Unlike Batman, Superman has superpowers, has a great headquarters and fights crime 24/7. Superman is a terrible hero and should be arrested. What type of hero changes in a phone booth, that’s indecent exposure and just plain wrong. Phone booth doors are glass and every one can see what he’s doing in there. If he is willing to commit such a lewd act as that what else is he willing to do? He could easily abuse his power to see through objects to peer through an unsuspecting person clothes. Spiderman is the best of the three superheroes. He fights crime day and night unlike Batman, and doesn’t abuse his powers like Superman. Spiderman has a job, a girlfriend, goes to college, fights crime and drives through New York City Traffic. If that’s isn’t superhuman I don’t know what is. Spiderman also has a reasonable disguise he has a full face mask. Batman has half a mask and Superman has no mask at all, which...
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