Super Hero in Reality

Topics: Superhero, Marvel Comics, Batman Pages: 4 (1763 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Fiona Lai
Ian Ross
Eng 1C- 119
July 21, 2011
Super Hero in Reality
In this novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, written by Michael Chabon, is trying to illustrate Joe Kavalier as a manifestation of a superhero in the form of a mortal. Joe Kavalier is one of the comic book artists who escaped from Nazi Germany when he was fourteen. Throughout the novel, Joe unknowingly personifies a masked superhero. His experiences emulate those of a super hero and he attempts to save the lives of his family as a super hero would save the citizens of a city. Some of these experiences include: his quest to travel to America, his desires while he is in America, and his sacrifices for the success of his quest. Through his experiences, Joe himself becomes the embodiment of what it means to be a masked hero. He learns unique skills from a master and uses these skills in order to get where he wants to be. A bit like how a super hero is not usually born great, but has to go through some such turmoil in order to become super. He has the urge to save his family members who are still stuck in Nazi Germany. This is similar to how a masked super hero attempts to keep the citizens of their city safe. Also, Joe eventually loses himself after the loss of his brother, Thomas. This is similar to how most super heroes will have one weakness and once that weakness is taken advantage of, the hero is nearly powerless to fight back. These experiences that Joe has throughout his life makes him almost turn into the super heroes he is writing about in his comics. His character is the personification of what a super hero would be if that hero had no super power. In the beginning of the book, the Germans are starting to invade Prague and with the help of Bernard Kornblum, Joe succeeds in his escape out of Europe. Previous years, Joe has been training with the illusionist Bernard Kornblum, learning expedient tricks. These experiences that Joe has in Prague directly relates to how he is...
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