Super Bowl Marketing Strategy

Topics: Emotion, Super Bowl, Super Bowl advertising Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Super Commercials: An Analysis of 2013’s Top Super Bowl Marketing Efforts
Each year, companies spend millions on carefully designing, producing, and promoting their respective advertisements during the Super Bowl. This year alone, 40 advertisers spent $3.8 million to $4 million per 30-second time slot simply to air their material during the broadcast on CBS (Horovitz, 1). In order to pay this much for a short slot, these big wigs in retail and services must secure that their advertisement will be noteworthy and rememberable. In 2012, over 111 million people watched the Super Bowl (Riccobono, 1), making it worth it for companies to focus efforts on spectacular ads for their one big shot of the year.

One of the biggest players this season and in years past was Doritos. Each year, Doritos hosts a contest for amateur film makers to submit their best version of a Super Bowl commercial featuring Doritos. This year, two of the finalists aired during the big game; both of them having a comedic element and a lot of product placement. What’s even smarter on Doritos’ side than simply having funny commercials, is the entire process of having homemade videos sent in. People will clearly be talking about it as they are filming, and all of the voting requires some sort of online or social media interaction with the product. This involves customers and supporters throughout the entire year instead of just presenting a clip on one night.

Another company that focused on making their commercial experience interactive instead of simply informative was Coca-Cola. The company had an intriguing ad early on in the game, which prompted the audience to go to an online site in order to vote for a ‘winner’ of the race in the first commercial to obtain the Coke at the end. This also made viewers look forward to the end commercial to witness the results.

This year, Jeep partnered with the USO to say ‘thank you’ to the troops in the majority of their commercial spots. This universal...
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