Super Bowl Ad Analysis 08

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Advertising Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: November 21, 2008
Super Bowl XLII delivered a variety of exceptional advertisements on February 3, 2008. Displayed on Fox Networks, Anheuser Busch promoted their top brands of Budweiser and Bud Light by means of many amusing and cheery television advertisements presented throughout all four quarters of the game. Such products approached their target markets through a delightful and humorous behavior; demonstrating comical and embellished abilities of drinking Bud Light. The use of familiar and talented comedians such as Carlos Mencia and Will Ferrell distributed a laughable strategy targeted at consumers who may identify with their recognition. It was very interesting to realize that the marketing of these top brand names during the game where exclusive within their category of the market. The portrayal of positive attitudes, the use of celebrities, and the participation of target audiences within their commercials may render Budweiser and Bud Light as the leading marketer in their industry, and perhaps the entire Super Bowl. One of my personal favorite commercials within Super Bowl XLII featured comedian Carlos Mencia teaching his five “students” how to approach women with the relevance of Bud Light. I believe this advertisement is very successful when trying to catch the attention of the marketer’s actual and potential customers of the product (Bud Light). This advertisement takes place in a bar/lounge atmosphere; initially appealing to an audience of the 21 to 28 year old consumer. This specific commercial may also be mainly intended towards males due to the overall idea that inexperienced men are able to unexpectedly allure attractive women; with the influence of Carlos Mencia’s wisdom and Bud Light. I believe the performance and execution of all participants in the advertisement were very humorous and effective; especially with the conclusion of Bud Light as the ultimate support of charming the beautiful women.
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