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Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
Department of Information Management

Faculty of Business
(IM404)Business Process Reengineering
Assignment Title:
Critical Analysis of Business Process Reengineering Implementation of Merge between Suntel (PVT) Ltd and Dialog Axiata PLC

Business Process Reengineering Implementation for Suntel (PVT) Ltd

Report submitted by;ss

Student Name| Registration Number|
G.T.U.V Somaratne| IT10251010|
N.T Nugaliyadda| IT10250648|
M.C.Amarasinghe| IT10251560|
N.G Sarangika| IT10251324|
Venugopal Annesta| IT10011362|
P.L.D.M Alwis| IT09375116|

30th March, 2013

Declaration of Originality with signature and date

We declare that this is our work and this study does not incorporate without acknowledgement any material previously submitted for a Degree in any other University or institute of higher learning and to the best of our knowledge and belief it does not contain any material previously published or written by another person except where the acknowledgement is made in the text. Also, we hereby grant to Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology the nonexclusive right to reproduce and distribute our study, in whole or in part in print, electronic or other medium. We retain the right to use this content in whole or part in future works (such as articles or books).

Student Name| Registration Number| Signature |
G.T.U.V Somaratne| IT10251010| |
N.T Nugaliyadda| IT10250648| |
M.C.Amarasinghe| IT10251560| |
N.G Sarangika| IT10251324| |
Venugopal Annesta| IT10011362| |
P.L.D.M Alwis| IT09375116| |

Executive Summary

The following comprehensive analysis report was done based on the reengineering process Suntel went through during 2012. Since Suntel has reached it’s maturity level and it was not in a position to further expand its network, though there was an immediate need to restructure the organization in order to remain and compete within the Sri Lankan telecommunication industry. As a result Suntel converged it’s entire organization with Dialog Broadband Networks to build a consolidated effort. In order to precede with the analysis as the initial step a process had to be selected. Depending on the relative importance the CDMA/landline process was selected as the as-is process for the analysis. The boundaries of the selected process were clearly identified and evaluated under process identification. Issues related to the process and the performance was measured using quantitative and qualitative matrixes.

And finally a detailed description of the to-be process was done and recommendations were made to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the prospective wireless/fixed landline and broadband process of Dialog Broadband Network.


As the Business process reengineering team of Suntel we take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and profound feeling for many people who lent us their helping hand in order to make our project a success. First our sincere gratitude goes to Ms. Sujani Sumanadasa our lecturer in-charge for all the support, guidance and encouragement given to us to work well towards the success of the project.

Also our sincere thanks go to Mr.Sanjeev and the past staff members of Suntel (Pvt) Ltd and staff members of Dialog Broadband Networks for their instinctive support given to us with the valuable information which was essential in analyzing the consolidation between Suntel and Dialog. Last but not the least a very big thank you to all our colleagues who helped us in numerous ways during the assignment.

Table f Contents
Declaration of Originality with signature and date2
Executive Summary3
List of figures7
List of Tables8
Chapter 019
Chapter 212
Process Selection12
Detail description about Business processes (Process architecture)12
What is Process...

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[8] Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
[9] A C T Holdings Group Company. Available at: (Accessed: 29 March 2013).
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