Sunsilk Shampoo Marketing Mix by Harris Erestain

Topics: Marketing, Price, Promotion Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Marketing Mix + Sunsilk = Progressive Career

There were so many products that launched everyday in different parts of the world. In just a blink of eye different products of different kinds were made. Just like Sunsilk—a worldwide shampoo product, is one of those many products that were made to supply all our needs for everyday existence. The purpose of this product review is to know the marketing mix of the given product. After knowing the marketing mix, I can conclude why this product was so progressive and popular.

The product is a tangible one. It can be perceived by our 5 different sense organs and it is physical. This product was made for hair treatment it also has extra features that adds to the promotional strategies. It has different types of brands for different hair types. It can offer a hair treatment for frizzy hair; it also makes your hair smooth. If you want to have a good hair shape they also have available brand types to repair the shape of your hair. They also have anti-dryness for those who have dry scalp and so on and so forth. This made the Sunsilk very popular and trendy in the market. It can be classified as staple goods because consumers would love to buy it regularly. It is somehow a need for them to have shampoo for a better hair types.

They use market penetration to penetrate their market. They lower the price to attract their target audiences to buy the product because it is a need and consumers find irresistible whenever they buy this product. It is good strategy for the company to lower the price so that it can reach even to the lower class people of the society. They also used promo pricing. They give promos to all the buyers and the users of the product. It’s like if they buy a dozen sachet of shampoo they can get a free half dozen of it. If you will notice Sunsilk shampoo comes in two pouches per sachet which is a part of their...
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